Here we are…. but where?

The Positive

I’m now debt free, I’ve paid off my debts, and I’m up-to-date with my credit card and store credit account – neither will be used, but will gradually be cleared. I’m 27 first got in to debt when I was 18, this is the first time since then – that my monthly outgoings has been low. I’m happy – it’s taken long enough, I just hope my credit rating gets better over time.

We are slowly but surely getting somewhere with getting my son assessed and diagnosed, taking it one step at a time… slow steps mind.

The Rest 

I have just spent £700 on white goods for the kitchen because all mine were beginning to fail or blow up like the microwave did. I hate handing over that amount of money but needs must.  I’ve joined groups on Facebook to help ‘aid’ my Slimming World journey, which I can’t actually motivate myself to start. I’m just at some stale point in my life, I have a uni assignment due and it’s late and I have nothing because I can’t do it? What am I doing?

If I hand this assignment in, I’m stress free for 5 months…. boredom comes to mind, broke comes to mind and lost…. really not feeling anything at the moment. HELP ME!! KICK ME UP THE BUM

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